Mic Samples

There was NO post-processing done on these tests, except for loudness normalization. These are best listened to with headphones on.

Audio Technica 875R

Beyerdynamic M99- Linear

Beyerdynamic M99- Presence Boost

Audio Technica AT2005- USB


Audio Technica AT2005- XLR

Shure SM57

Zoom H5 Condenser Mic Attachment

Shure SM7B- Flat Mode

Shure SM7B- High Pass Switch On, Presence Boost Off

Shure SM7B- High Pass Switch Off, Presence Boost On

Shure SM7B- High Pass Switch & Presence Boost On

Rode Broadcaster- Flat

Rode Broadcaster- HPS On

Rode Procaster

Heil PR 40

Audio Technica BP 40- Flat/Linear Mode

Audio Technica BP 40- High Pass Switch On


Electro-Voice RE20 Flat Mode

Electro-Voice RE20 HPS On

Electro-Voice RE27 Flat Mode

Electro-Voice RE27 Switch 1 On

Electro-Voice RE27 Switch 2 On

Electro-Voice RE27 Switch 3 On

Electro-Voice RE27 Switch 1,2 On

Electro-Voice RE27 Switch 1,3 On

Electro-Voice RE27 Switch 2,3 On

Electro-Voice RE27 Switch 1,2,3 On

Shure SM58

Electro-Voice RE320- Flat Mode

Electro-Voice RE320- Kick Drum Mode

Audio Technica BPHS-1

Shure Beta 87A

Audio Technica AT4040- Flat

Audio Technica AT4040- High Pass Switch On

Apple EarPods

Electro-Voice ND76